About Us.

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We are a creative & production agency that makes film available to you. 


Blac Pearl is a company that provides an unforgettable experience. We specialize in advertising and media that is positive and up lifting. Helping business owners, churches, community organizations and non-profit's the opportunity to tell their story their way. 


Established in 2016, Blac Pearl is the definition of overcoming adversity. The company began when the owner, Jasmine Beane, was asked by her Pastor, District Elder Donney Faulk to create a slideshow that would encompass the vision of Mountaintop International Word Ministry. She took on the challenge and ultimately succeeded. From that moment on she became the Director of Media. In less than 1 year the ministry flourished, so much so, that other churches and organizations began asking for advertising, consultations and short films. 


Today, Blac Pearl still stands for quality and love in the details. Giving all .who choose, the opportunity to display their message and build their brand through social media and television.

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